So, with all of this flying stuff I’ve been working on it only seemed logical to put together a ground station. I’ve looked at several on line and took some photos of stuff I saw at the FPV meet this summer but I think I’m going to skip simple and go straight to the overdone which is more in keeping with my personality. I started looking for a container to put in. I looked at back packs and travel bags and then fumbled onto a pelican case at a garage sale.

Pelican Case

A couple of things I wanted to work in were read outs for the battery, a wind meter (anemometer) and a black box DVR. I also wanted there to be room to put my diversity system that mounts on the top of my tripod. The means in which I am going to mount all this inside the case are swirling in my head and I think I’m going to have to start by drawing out the wring layout so I can start buying the components. This is a winter project for me so I am in no real rush.