This week is all about the Go Pro Hero 960!! We had an interview with Animal from Baja Addicts but he stood me up!! He will be the guest of honor in Episode 10.

The videos for Bajafest are just about about all up. I have a couple left to clean up and will hopefully have them up soon.

RPM has some new products out that are of interest. They have recently released a new rear bumper for the 5SC that allows for the use of some more aftermarket parts. They have also released a new front bumper for the Traxxas Slash. This is reminiscent of the RPM bumper for the 5B

The review on the Go Pro Camera went really well and I got some great video!!

I did some comparisons on other models and found that the Go Pro was the best bang for your dollar. I have included a spread sheet of some of the other products you can get.

As far as mounts go the camera comes with a nice variety of accessories.

 I used the flat surface mount to put the camera on my Baja 5B. I tried the  adjustable mount for the rear facing view you will see in the video but found there was too much vibration.


By far the flat mount was the best solution. It did allow some vibration but I don’t think that you are going to be able to solve that problem completely short of intalling a seperate mouting plate with some form of gyro, which is just stupid!

The rear mount, as I stated previously was “ok” but it did allow alot of sway from side to side.


The video we got from the Go Pro was pretty cool, it is interesting to see that “POV” perpective and watch the suspension and the front tires bang away as it driver around. We will be doing a couple of other videos in the near furture, one of the Go Pro on a touring car and the then we are gonna strap it to a Blade 400 and see what happens!!

Here is the video….

 On this weeks tech tip we talked about the clutch bell on the Baja. The pinion that attaches to the clutch bell by a screw can be problematic. The screw can back out, lossen and snap causing the pinion to destroy the spur gear. We spoke to John Schultz at Bajafest this year and he gave us a Team Tip for solving this problem.

By running a longer screw through the pinion into the clutch bell you can attached a bolt, or double bolt to the screw to prevent it coming loose. I used a nylon locking nut and have not had a problem since.

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