Just a little about myself, I am an avid hobbyist who has been involved in RC in one form or another since 1986 when my Dad bought my Tamiya Frog. I have run Monster Trucks, 1/8 Scale, 1/10 Scale, I’ve flown, crashed and even had a blimp! Right now I am crazy in love with my 5th Scales. I took a brief hiatus in the mid 90′s, then came the TMAXX and that fired my interest again and the rest is history. I am also a recreational shooter and am just beginning to compete in service related handgun and long gun matches. I am an active hunter and all around gun nut.

Through the early part of the decade (God that makes me feel old) I was one of the founders of the Great Lakes Off Road Championship Series (GLORCS) which grew to be the most successful racing series in Canada.

I started this Netcast to try and bring a quality Canadian show that people want to listen to. I am frequently buying new stuff so I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring some of the knowledge I gain to the table. I also hope to bring some of the contacts I have made over the years of running GLORCS to share news and information with you.